Thursday, April 28, 2011

Book Critique

I really enjoyed looking at everyones book! All of the books were unique and different in their own way. I liked all of them for many reasons but if I have to pick four of my favorites they would be...

Rosilind O'Connor :
This was one of my favorite books. Her book was an E-book. She put a lot of time, effort and probably money into making this book. I really liked the large layout of the book and the cover was my favorite part! I loved the pink bike and how the image looked old looking. I really liked the depth of field in all of our photographs. The images worked very well together!

Lyssa Wilson:
I also really liked this book. It was also a well constructed E-book. The time put into this book was very evident. I really like the thought and theme of this book. It seemed very personal but the viewers of the book could also relate to most of the pictures. I really enjoyed the close up images and I liked the different layout that she used! Instead of just putting one image on each page, there were four, and they worked really well together.

Michelle Zany:
This was also one of my favorite books! It was also an E-book. I really enjoyed all of the images in this book. She captured all of Boston. The subways, the people on the street, and the thing that most amazed me was the emotions of the peoples faces. She did a really good job capturing the emotions and facial expressions. The images fit really well together and I love the black and white!

Brittany Verville:
This book was an accordion book. It was well put together and really creative. I loved the look of the book. I also liked how she used film images. (color and black and white). There were a lot of images in this book and I'm sure a lot of family memories. I think the theme and images worked well together. It will defiantly be a nice thing to have for the family!

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