Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chris Jordan exhibition

"Running the numbers"

HIS WORK IS AMAZING! I love the fact that just ONE image looks so different just from the distance you are looking at it from. I also love the concept of his idea. I like how his work is representing a global importance. His images are representing very important issues, but his photographs are so beautiful!! Chris Jordan says, "My work brings these staggering numbers to life in constructed digital photographs that are at once alluring and shocking". This quote is so true, looking at these photographs really are such a shock to look at. My favorite image in the exhibition was the Barbie Dolls! When I was walking over to it, I was like, "Oh cool, pretty flowers!"...but it was not flowers at all!! It was thousands of naked barbie dolls placed in a certain place and direction. The Overall image created an outline of a women's body. This photograph represented the number of breast augmentations in the U.S. His work is so powerful in so many ways! I would love to know how he thought of this idea and how much time was put into creating each of these photographs! PROPS TO HIM!
I really liked this image too because it created a totally different image when looking at it from a far away distance. It looks like a normal day at the beach. But when you get close, it is amazing! It is millions of cans. This image represented the number of aluminum cans used every 30 sec!! CRAZY!

My FAVORITE at the exhibition!!

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