Friday, March 30, 2012

Currier Museum of Art

The Currier has an exhibit right now called A New Vision: Modernist photography. i really enjoyed looking at the various types of photographs throughout this exhibit. I think there was a very wide range of photographers that had very different styles. It was very overwhelming choosing which photographs to focus on. I liked so many of them! I enjoyed looking at the abstract photography and it gave me inspiration and new ideas in continuing shooting in an abstract way. I thought the exhibit was organized nicely and gave a nice transition to each photograph. I liked how the images were displayed and the set up. I would recommend seeing this exhibit!

The two images that I chose to compare and contrast were Brett Weston-untitled nude (1979) and Carl A. Hyatt- untitled nude. Hyatt's photograph of the nude figure is much more abstract than Westons. The form and position the body is in creates a beautiful shape. I love this image. It reminded me of my emulation project. The foot and hand are in awkward positions which make the form and the body look abstract. I love the contrast between the tone of the body and the background. I like that the background is dark because it makes the form of the body stand out more. Westons photograph of the body is less abstract. It is more about the facial expression and personality on the women's face. Her facial expression and hand placement makes it look more intimate. It is less about the form and figure and more about personality. It also bothers me that the other hand is cut off, I would like to see more of it, because the photograph is already showing so much. The tone in the skin is darker than Hyatt's image. I liked Hyatt's contrast between the background and figure better. I really enjoy the curves and lines the figure creates in both images. They both give justice to the figure and have a lot of beauty to them. I love the curve that the hip makes in both images, it is absolutely beautiful! i think the print quality is good in both images. I think the composition in Hyatt's image works better than Westons because I like the abstract figure rather than showing too much. 

Brett Weston- Untitled Nude

Carl A Hyatt- Untitled Nude

The image that I thought was the weakest and did not fit in with the rest of the exhibit would be B.A. Kings photograph: lobster traps. I can't find this image online probably because it is nothing special! The color, print quality, and composition was horrible! It did not fit with the rest of the exhibit. But other than not fitting in, I don't like the image alone either. It looked really grainy when you look closely and the image does not look like it is printed well. I also don't like the bright yellow, I think the image is very busy and it would work better in black and white. I also don't like the composition because it doesn't look well thought out. It should have been closer up and more abstract. I think it would have been more interesting closer up and focusing on more detail, rather than the repeated ugly lobster traps!

Choosing one image to hang on my wall, is a very hard decision! I liked a lot of the images! One image that really stood out to me, but I don't know where I would put it in my house because it would be really random is Arno Rafael Minkkien- Fosters Pond Millennium. Every time I walked by this image, I had to stop and look at it one more time! I loved everything about it. I thought it was really interesting compositionally and the subject matter! I love the shadows, they are beautiful. I think the image is beautiful and really nice to look at! After I saw this image, I had to look up more of his work and I love it! It is so abstract and interesting to look at. It has such a mystical feeling to it. The background is just as interesting to look at as the foreground is, and I think that is what makes a good photograph:)

Arno Rafael Minkkien- Fosters Pond Millennium

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