Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Homework assignment: Lighting

Rim Lighting: This is a technique that is used to give shape to objects in an image by backlighting the subject. When used as an effect, it gives the subject a lighted halo around them and a delicate look. It is most often used to define shapes against a background, but it can also be used to highlight subtle effects of a photograph. The light comes from above the subject and it must be directed toward the camera. For a more diffused effect, you can use a reflective surface to direct the light.

Here is the set-up :

Here are some images that used Rim Lighting:

Low Key Lighting: is a style of photography that utilizes mostly dark tones to create a dramatic looking image. The background and subject matter is dark. It intensifies the contrast in an image through intensely reduced lighting. It adds a very dramatic mood to the images. This effect produces harsh shadows.

Here is the set-up: 

Here are some images that used low key lighting:

(I found these images on google search images: low key lighting and rim lighting) 

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