Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the prints I used for my cyanotype and my final images!!

I had a tough time with this project at first. The results were unpredictable, and I seemed to get something different every time...but working through the process and getting my final images, was defiantly worth it! I love my end result.

I wanted to capture emotion in my portraits. I feel the blue tint to the images set an overall mood so I wanted to portray that same emotion/mood in the images.

For my images, I put layers over my portraits to create  water drops over the potraits. I took these pictures in a steamy bathroom and threw water on the window. I really liked the effect of these images and I wanted to incorporate them into my portraits. I felt they added to the emotion and mood of my images. They kind of have a dreamy and emotional effect!

  Overall, I love this process and I had a fun time doing it!!


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