Thursday, November 29, 2012

Artist Lecture #2 : Matt Hutton on 11/15/12

The artist of this lecture was Matt Hutton and he designs and makes furniture. I never knew you could be so creative when designing a piece of furniture but it was truly amazing. His life story and his journey through being an artist, was very inspiring. Even though I didn't relate to his actual work and designs, I could relate to his philosophy when making art and his way of getting there. 

He is now a teacher at May College of Art, and has taught there for 11 years. Most of his work is inspired by Tommy Simpon. Matt attended the Harrington School of Art. Then attended San Diego State graduate School. 

He loved building with a furniture form but never knew that was what he was going to end up doing. He explained how he likes to play around with the idea of function and performance. Not only did he create his furniture to function but he also created it so it could perform and work on its own. He wanted to change how people can interact with an object. 

He talked a lot about his journey in Japan. He spent a good amount of time there and felt that is where he learned the most. HE learned great furniture technique. He explained how people in Japan put so much care into the process. 

He used a lot of things as inspiration that he saw around him. For example he grew up at a farm. So he used a falling bard and fence as a use of inspiration is his work. It was REALLY amazing. 

Overall his work was so creative and nothing i have even seen before. He created his own studio where he could create all of his work. And I really liked how he showed pictures of the furniture in a house. It looked amazing. 

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