Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Final Project idea

So I have been thinking so much about my final project and where I want to go next with my work. I am stuck once again.... So since this is my class as a photography student, I thought back to all of my projects I have done over the years. And the first one that stuck out to me was my final in darkroom a couple of years ago. I was trying to portray innocence or show a sense of childhood. My major is elementary education... I absolutely adore children. When I own my own studio (Hopefully), I would like to focus on portraits of young children and families.

So with all that being said I chose to photograph children. As I began photographing many children, I started to see the wide range of diversity from age, size, skin color, hair type, eye color, braces, glasses, acne, and overall facial expression. Through my pictures I want to show diversity, but I also want to show an overall innocence and the stages through childhood. My images are really close up because I want it to be personal. I want the audience to see the child's features and facial expression.

I have photographed over 30 children so far... and I will narrow them down to which ones I like the best....but I want to print a lot of them... I think I am going to do either salt prints or digital. I haven't decided yet.

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