Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lecture #1 : Artist Talk on 11/14/12

I went to the Artist talk in the Museum where three students talked about the work in the Museum.

The first student was Jennifer:
She talked about a sculpture called The Wall by Sumner Winebaum. 
She talked about how this sculpture was about the human body.She also talked about connecting the form to your own personal connection. Most Artists find it  important to use the body for an intent or purpose. Jennifer talked about how this sculpture was defining mass and gravity. There is no wall there but the sculpture acts as if there is one there. It shows a sense of imagination because it can not be reality. She also explained how the sculptures form itself had a concentration of mass. The shoulder area and other parts of the body showed a lot of tension.

As I was listening to Jennifer talk about this sculpture, I kept trying to relate it to photography and how defining mass and gravity is used. Many photographers use a sense of imagination in their work, and take out reality.

Next, was Hillary Schrutz. She also talked about a Sumner Winebaum sculpture. But she started off by talking about the history of Winebaums work and how he usually sculpts in bronze.

I couldn't find a picture of this work, but it was another sculpture that revolved around tension in the human form. The figure showed a twisting movement. She also explained that from different angles, the viewer can see a different form and emotion. The sculpture showed a sense of strength.

I really related to this exibit because I have been really interested in the figure and human form. My latest project on form was when I emulated John Coplan. I tried abstracting the body. I really related to a lot of what they were saying about the human form and how we relate to this.

Next was Kara. She focused on Lary Rivers. The picture she talked about was of Larrys mother in law nude. The mother law was in a very provocative pose. It was very disturbing.

I can't find the image online but here is another piece of his work on his mother in law.

Most critics said Rivers worked always looked "half done". And as I was looking at his image in the Museum, it looked more like a sketch than anything.

His work is a lot of scribble lines without a lot of detail. His handwriting as an artist is "scribbles over edges"

He also has some controversy on some of his work. One being "legs".

The reason "Legs" is so controversial is because they are seen as women legs and the way they are positioned in the middle of a town. I think the size of the legs play a big part in why it is so controversial.

Overall I really liked listening to these students talk about the work that was in the museum. Even though it wasn't photography, I felt myself really relating to the work and comparing how I have photographed the figure to what these artists have done with the figure.

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