Monday, September 3, 2012


So, we were asked to pick two of our favorite photographs (one that we took, and one that someone else took). I instantly thought of my darkroom photographs, I made a couple of years ago. For my final in darkroom I did a series called "innocence in young children" A lot of my classmates questioned whether or not they were actually "innocent" This was a big turning point for me. It made me realize that everyone interprets and reads a photograph differently. It made me pay more attention to small detail.  Because I learned so much from doing this series, I think that is why they stand out to me so much. Here is two examples:

(I took these)

This image by Sally Mann reminded me of some of my photographs in my series. I really like photographing children and I think Sally Mann captures so much in this one photograph. I love the expression in all three children. This image really catches my eye and gave me inspiration for some of my work while taking pictures of children.

Sally Mann

Another one of my favorite photographs that I took was part of my emulation project. I emulated John Coplan and I was very pleased with my final product. I really enjoyed using the softbox and it was my first time playing around with a different lighting source. My favorite image from this series is the picture of my models hand all tangled. I love the abstraction and how the lighting hits the skin. 

(I took this)

Arno Rafael Minkkien- Fosters Pond Millennium
Another photograph that has inspired me and that I really enjoy looking at is this one. I love the abstraction and reflections in this image. It is truly amazing! 

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