Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reading #2 : Experimental Vision

The Evolution of the Photogram...

Here are some of my favorite of Man ray's "rayographs"
Man Ray

Man Ray

Man Ray

This article went into much detail about the evolution of the photogram. Artists began this "camera-less photography" after the debate of dimension of space. Artists wanted to create 3-dimentional photographs. They needed something new and exciting and this is what they got! The process was pretty controlled but the exciting part was how unpredictable the results were. 

I really liked this quote...

"Inventions, they say, are always made when they are needed" 

I feel like this is so true.... When there is need for something new and exciting, we always find a way to come up with just that! And this process turned into quite a success. 

I also liked some of Schads photograms: 

I really like how abstract they are. I also really like how light plays a big role in each of the images.

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