Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Criticizing Photographs: Chapter 2

Richard Avedon

I feel like this chapter was very hard to read because I knew a lot of the information that was being given. This chapter mostly explained description and the different ways to describe photographs. I actually got the most out of this reading at the end when it explained the importance of description to readers. This paragraph really showed me why description is very important for critics because it is the time for "getting to know" a piece of art. 
My favorite quote in this chapter and what really stood out to me was: "Describing photographs and reading descriptions of photographs are particularly valuable activities because people tend to look through photographs as if they were windows rather than pictures". I completely agree with this statement. I feel like people take photographs for granted sometimes and just look at and image as a whole instead of really breaking it down and describing all of the different aspects that are going on. Every time someone looks at a piece of art they should be analyzing the style, medium, form, and the subject matter. And really looking deeper into the photograph. 

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