Sunday, February 27, 2011

criticizing Photographs: Chapter 7


     Chapter 7 explains the photography theory thoroughly. It first talks about the theory and how people can practice it.  Who uses and needs the theory? Or does everyone need theories of photography? When someone is looking at an image they base their thoughts on theories they know or have heard of before. Therefore everyone uses theories. "Theories of photography guide practices, and practices of photography influence theory, but are theories necessary." (page 154) This really made me think. It made me realize that theories and how people practice the theory are very related. And I defiantly think theories are necessary. They are the basis of your thoughts.
       Then the author explains what a photograph is. And gives many examples of different kinds of photographs.  The sentence that really stood out to me in this section is,  " photography is different from other systems of representation , because the thing that is photographed has really been there".  In paintings or drawings, the artist can manipulate the image anyway they want. A  straight photograph on the other hand, is what it is. It is real and besides the angle and what is in the frame, the photographer has little impact on manipulating the image.
        The rest of the chapter explains the different theories we have for photography and whether photographs are moral or not.
Lynette Molnar, Talking back, 1990

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