Sunday, February 27, 2011

criticizing Photographs: Chapter 8

          Chapter 8 explains how to write and talk about photographs. It explains how you need to want to write. You need to write about something you care about and interests you. Then it explains thoroughly how to write about an image. first is observing and taking notes. Then it talks about quick-writes and careful-writes. You can also do interpretive writings. Then it explains how to build visual interpretations.  I really liked the personal meaning section. I feel like i could relate the most to this section. When i write or talk about an image I always like relating to myself personally. I feel like this helps you grow as a photographer the most.
          My favorite section of this chapter was where it talked about Sally Mann. It gave three student views on Sally mans work. It was interesting to see how each student had something different to say and their perspectives were very different. The first girl talks about how the images show her ordinary life with her three children. The second girl talks about how stunning the images are. She talks more about the quality of the images. Te last student talks about how people can interpret her work and how strong they are. They all took completely different perspectives but they all were completely right.

Sally Mann, Jessie at 5, 1987

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