Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reading- Sexual Personae


Camille Paglia
      I went into this reading knowing that it was going to relate somehow to our persona projects. Therefore when I started reading I was searching for things that would relate or help me with this project. In the beginning it is a little dry and hard to relate to because it is more the history of what the word persona means and what sexual personae is. I am glad that the author stated what persona meant a long time ago  and showed how the word has evolved since then. It stated that persona is a latin word for the clay or wooden mask worn by actors in greek/roman theatre.  This definition is not what I would think of if I was asked, "what does persona mean?". Then persona more broadened its meaning to include the actors role and then a social role or public function. The definition it says it now is, " By late Latin, persona became a person as we now understand it, a human being apart from his social status."
     The ending of the reading is where I saw the most relation to our class and this reading. She talks about how she photographs and what is most important to her. She gives many helpful tips. She really shows her passion that she has for art in the last couple pages.

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